The Best Mandoline Slicers to Effortlessly Slice Your Veggies

In this article, we've rounded up the best mandoline slicers on the market to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Our picks include options for every budget and cooking style, so you can find the best slicer for you.

best mandoline slicer australia

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If you haven’t already discovered the wonders of a mandoline slicer, you might want to get your hands on one. A mandoline slicer is a food slicer that can make your food preparation so much faster and easier.

When looking for a suitable mandoline slicer, it depends on what you’ll be using it for and what your skill level is. You’ll definitely want to find one that has safeguards so you don’t end up slicing your hand or fingers by accident, especially if you’re not well-versed with using it.

Some slicers may have more features than others like interchangeable blades and containers to catch your sliced ingredients, but this may come at a higher price tag, so consider whether it’s something you think you’ll need to use. If not, a basic one should be more than sufficient if you’re just wanting to slice up some vegetables quickly.

Check out our handy list below, with opinions and pros and cons of the best mandoline slicers in Australia for your home kitchen.

Dash Safe Slice Mandoline

 Best For Beginners 

1. Dash Safe Slice Mandoline

Versatile with options for 30 different cuts

What we like
  • 30 different cut options
  • Easy to adjust slice thickness settings with dial
  • No risk of fingers touching blades
What could be better
  • Chute is too narrow for bigger ingredients

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We’ve selected the Dash Safe Slice as our top pick for best mandoline slicer in Australia, a truly fantastic option if you’re looking for your first mandoline slicer. One great feature of this slicer is that due to its design, there’s no risk of your fingers getting cut by the blades, making it easy to use for beginners. 

All you need to do is place your ingredient in the chute and utilise the handle at the top to start slicing. You don’t need to hold the ingredients in place with your hands, which is usually when accidents happen.

This is also quite the versatile kitchen tool. It has 30 different cut options, including different thickness, dicing options, matchstick and julienne. This makes it a great kitchen tool to have in your kitchen drawer. It’s also one of the best mandoline slicers for french fries and potato chips as it has a handy matchstick slicing option as well as slice thickness options.

A downside of the Dash Safe Slice Mandoline is that due its chute design, there’s a limit to how big your ingredients can be. For example, it’d be quite difficult to fit a large sweet potato into the chute and would require you to cut it beforehand to make it narrower. However, if your bigger concern is having robust safety features, the benefits of this safety feature definitely trumps the hassle of having to precut bigger ingredients. 

Borner V3 Trendline Slicer Starter Set

2. Borner V3 Trendline Slicer Starter Set

Compact mandoline slicer with various attachments

What we like
  • Included attachments for various cut types
  • Flat and easy to store
  • Easy to clean
What could be better
  • Not as effective on harder ingredients

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The Borner V3 Trendline Slicer Starter Set has various included attachments that give you the ability to slice up your ingredients in different ways. It can slice, dice as well as matchstick and julienne your vegetables. You also have the option of three different slice thickness using the relevant attachment.

It stores quite flat due to its design, great for those who have minimal space and want to store it away into a kitchen drawer. It has a relatively straightforward design, making it easy to clean after use. There is also an included knob, which makes it safer to use as you hold that against your ingredients as you push it down on the blade, reducing the risk of slicing your fingers as you get closer to the blade.

Some reviewers do mention that the Borner V3 Trendline Slicer Starter Set is not as effective on harder ingredients such as carrots and potatoes, requiring more effort to slice. This is something to consider if those are the type of ingredients you use most often. Otherwise, this is a great option as it still has that versatility at a slightly lower price point.

Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

3. Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

High-quality blades that are extremely sharp

What we like
  • 4 interchangeable cutting blades included
  • Japanese stainless steel blades
  • Safety guard
  • Dishwasher-safe
What could be better
  • Easy to misplace parts
  • Narrow surface

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One of the most common mentions in reviews of the Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer is how sharp its blades are. The blades are made of Japanese stainless steel, making it a high quality kitchen appliance. However, this means you’ll need to be extra careful when using and washing it.

It comes with a safety guard that helps protect your fingers from getting sliced and plastic spikes that hold your ingredients in place as you slide it against the blade. There are also interchangeable cutting blades included that allows you to achieve various cuts - straight blade, coarse-toothed blade, medium-toothed blade and fine-toothed blade.

Some drawbacks of this mandoline slicer is that it has a narrow surface, making it more of a hassle to slice up wider ingredients such as cabbage, requiring you to slice it up beforehand. The included blades and safety guard might also be easily misplaced, but as long as you have a dedicated space for them, this shouldn’t be a big issue.

Overall, due to its sharp blades, the Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer proves to be a very effective kitchen tool for slicing up ingredients.

Kyocera Ceramic Mandoline Adjustable Slicer

 Best For Thin Slices 

4. Kyocera Ceramic Mandoline Adjustable Slicer

Ceramic blade that is long-lasting and rust-proof

What we like
  • Ceramic blade
  • Notches to secure to a bowl
  • Handguard
What could be better
  • Slice thickness options are quite thin

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The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Mandoline Slicer uses a Japanese ceramic blade. It boasts extremely sharp blades that can keep its edge up to 10 times longer than a traditional steel blade. The material also means that it's rust-proof and won’t brown your ingredients as you slice them. It also comes with a handguard, important when you’re working with sharp blades. 

It’s designed with corner notches that allow you to secure it over a bowl or plate to catch the ingredients you’re slicing. This is especially useful if you’re meal-prepping as you can use it over the container you want to store your prepped ingredients in. 

While this adjustable mandoline slicer comes with a dial with four slice thickness to adjust between, some reviews mention that the options are quite thin. If you’re looking for a mandoline slicer that can slice up thicker chunks such as for fries, then this one probably isn’t the one for you. However, if you’re mostly looking for a mandoline slicer for slicing ingredients thinly and is long-lasting, this ceramic mandoline slicer is a good one to consider.

OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer

5. OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer

An easy-to-use mandoline slicer

What we like
  • Ability to hook for easy storage
  • Handguard with anti-slip handle
  • Residue holder that covers blade when not in use
What could be better
  • Could have wider variation in slice thickness options
  • Only one slice option

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The OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer is a compact kitchen tool that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to use. It also comes with a handy residue/food holder that covers the blade on the mandoline slicer while it’s not in use, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching the blade while grabbing it from the drawer.

It comes with a handguard with an anti-slip handle that helps to protect your fingers from being sliced as you use it. You have three slice thickness options to choose from, although some reviews mention that the difference in thickness between the three aren’t very significant.

One of the drawbacks of the OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer compared to some other mandoline slicers is that this one only has one option in terms of slicing types and can only do slices unlike some of the others that also has a dedicated dice and julienne blade. However, if you don’t foresee needing to use other slice options and want a straightforward mandoline slicer, then this mandoline slicer could be a good one to purchase.

 Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline

6. Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline

Has an innovative food grip for easy use with various ingredients

What we like
  • Precision food grip for use with ingredients of various shapes and sizes
  • Non-slip tip
  • Easy to use
What could be better
  • Small bits of food can get stuck
  • Only one slicing option

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The Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline has an innovative food grip that stands out from the usual handguard that comes with mandoline slicers. It has a pinch grip that can be used with smaller ingredients such as garlic, a centre grip for slicing rounds of ingredients and a flat grip for longer slices.

With its non-slip tip and easy-grip handle, it is easy to use and these features make it safer as well.

Some reviews do mention though, that small bits of food can get stuck between the blade and plastic. Keep that in mind if you’re someone who doesn’t like having to spend extra time cleaning the nooks and crannies of kitchen tools. It also only has one slicing option, which again is not a massive deal breaker if you’re just wanting to get a simple mandoline slicer.

Progressive Adjust A Slice Mandoline

7. Progressive Adjust A Slice Mandoline

Lock function makes for safe storage

What we like
  • Various slicing options
  • Non-skid base
  • Lock button for storage
What could be better
  • Handguard not great at holding ingredients in place

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The Progressive Adjust A Slice Mandoline has various slicing options, making it a more versatile mandoline slicer. You can julienne or slice your ingredients in varying thickness. It has a non-skid base which makes it safer to use and hold against surfaces. It also has a wide cutting surface, which makes it more convenient to use with larger ingredients, making it one of the best mandoline slicers in Australia for cabbage.

It also has a handy lock button that you can easily engage before you store the mandoline slicer away. The safety lock covers the blade and helps prevent anyone from accidentally touching the blade while it’s not in use. 

Some reviews have mentioned that the handguard on the Progressive Adjust A Slice Mandoline isn’t very effective at holding the ingredients in place as you slice. One way to get around this is to get a cut-resistant glove that can help protect your fingers from getting accidentally sliced. That way you can use your hands to hold onto your ingredients instead of using the handguard which could potentially slip

Blaze AU 15 in 1 Multi-Purpose Slicer

8. Blaze AU 15 in 1 Multi-Purpose Slicer

Comes with many functionalities

What we like
  • Many blade styles such as for slicing, dicing and mashing
  • Cleaning brush and claw included
  • Includes blade storage box
  • Container for catching sliced ingredients
What could be better
  • Bulky
  • Has many different parts
  • Only blades are dishwasher-safe, only hand washing recommended

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If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades type mandoline slicer, the Blaze AU 15 in 1 Multi-Purpose Slicer is a great one to consider. It has many features such as the ability to slice, dice, mash, shred and do waffle cuts. It also has an egg separator that can help make your life easier. This professional mandoline slicer has a handy blade storage box that helps you contain the different blades that are included, making it less likely for you to misplace one of them. We think this is the best vegetable slicer and food chopper in Australia due to its many blade inclusions.

It also has a container that catches the sliced ingredients, so you don’t have to look for a suitable bowl or plate to put under it. A cleaning brush and claw are included which makes it easy to wash and remove residue from the crevices of the mandoline slicer.

However, due to all its functionalities as well as its container box, it does make the Blaze AU 15 in 1 Multi-Purpose Slicer bulkier than some of the other mandoline slicers on this list. It’s not a deal breaker, but one to consider if you have limited kitchen space to store it.

How to choose a mandoline slicer

You’d think getting a mandoline slicer would be quite straightforward, but there are quite a few factors to consider when getting one. There are many variations out there with slight differences, so it’s important to consider certain factors when you’re looking for a mandoline slicer so that you can make sure you get the right one.

Slicing options

Depending on how versatile you need your mandoline slicer to be, there are some that just do normal slices with buttons or dials that adjust the thickness of your slices. However, you can also get mandoline slicers that can dice, julienne or even mash ingredients. So if those are functionalities you think you’ll use, keep an eye out for mandoline slicers that have interchangeable blade attachments that provide you with that versatility.


Generally, mandoline slicers tend to be quite flat and compact, making it easy to store. However, something to keep in mind would be how wide it is. Some mandoline slicers can be quite narrow, making it a bit more cumbersome if you’re slicing wider ingredients such as cabbage. If you’re wanting to use your mandoline slicer on such ingredients, take note of the dimensions and get one that is wider so you won’t have to go through the hassle of cutting your ingredients up before slicing it.

Safety features

Most mandoline slicers come with handguards, essentially a food holder, to help hold onto your ingredients as you slice, preventing any accidents when your fingers get close to the blade. Some mandoline slicers such as the Dash Safe Slice Mandoline are designed such that your fingers aren’t meant to go close to the blade. There are also mandoline slicers like the Progressive Adjust A Slice Mandoline that have a safety lock that covers the blade to prevent any fingers from accidentally brushing against the sharp blade when rummaging around the drawer.

Ease of cleaning

This one is an important one to consider. As you’ll be slicing or julienning ingredients with your mandoline slicer, it’s inevitable that remnants of your ingredients will get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your mandoline slicer. Choose one that is easy to rinse or take apart for washing. This will help with the longevity of your mandoline slicer. For example, the Blaze AU 15 in 1 Multi-Purpose Slicer comes with a dedicated brush and claw to clean it thoroughly.