10 Best Toddler Booster Seats for Eating at the Table and for Travel

For fussy toddlers and frequent travellers, one of the best booster seats for eating can help make meal times easy, fun and fuss free, whether you’re at home, out at a restaurant or picnicking in the park.

best toddler booster seat for eating

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Booster seats are the ideal transition seat for toddlers who have outgrown their high chairs but are still not quite tall enough to sit comfortably on an adult-sized dining regular chairs. They offer support and stability to young kids and help them to learn the correct seated posture and position.

As booster seats are typically small and lightweight, they also lend themselves particularly well to travel and picnics, making them a great multipurpose investment for any parent of toddlers or young children. 

We’ve rounded up the best toddler booster seats in Australia, for eating at the table as well as travel, covering all price points, age ranges and styles. 

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

1. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

A great booster seat, packed full of handy features

What we like
  • Full size features packed into half the space
  • Portable high chair for use out and about and at restaurants
  • Actual seat, seat pad and tray machine mashable
What could be better
  • Older toddlers will not use many of the features, best to use from infancy

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The best all round toddler booster seat for eating at the table, the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair features everything you’d expect from a full sized high chair all packed into half the space. 

Perfect not only for home use, it’s lightweight portability also makes it ideal for taking to restaurants or grandparents, fitting securely to most dining room chairs. 

Designed to grow with your child from infant to toddler, there are three recline positions, two height positions and four depth adjustments.

The generous deep dish tray is removable and snaps easily into the back of the chair, and this, the seat pad and the actual seat itself are all dishwasher safe for the fastest clean up ever. 

OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

2. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

Simple, aesthetically pleasing design perfect for minimalist mums

What we like
  • Simple and stylish design
  • Convenient one push fold
  • Easy to wipe and clean
What could be better
  • Food gets stuck behind cushion
  • Sits on, rather than straps to, dining room chair and could be a safety concern

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The OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps is an ideal choice for toddlers who are just graduating from their highchairs and want to feel all grown up at the dinner table with the rest of the family.

With a firm, wipe clean cushion and ergonomic back rest, this booster folds with just the press of a button for easy storage or transport. Its simple, unobtrusive and clean design will fit any decor and we love that it doesn’t look like typical baby gear. The three point harness is removable and can be stored underneath the cushion.

While we appreciate that the seat is removable for easy cleaning, it does create a gap between it and the backrest where food can become easily stuck.

Non skid feet keep this booster in place on your dining room chair, however it doesn’t strap on securely which some parents with wriggly toddlers prefer for peace of mind.

Hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat

 Best For Travel 

3. Hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat

Perfect for travel and meals on the go

What we like
  • Ideal for travel and the outdoors
  • Stable “duck feet” to prevent tip over
  • Carry bag included
What could be better
  • Fabric seat gets dirty easily
  • Small tray

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The winner in terms of portability and features, and the best toddler booster seat for eating for travel is the Hiccapop OmniBoost, recommended for families on the go.

We love the dishwasher safe swivel tray and the handy rear pocket for all your bits and bobs. The fabric seat does have the tendency to get a bit grubby however it’s durable, easy to remove and machine washable, and the fabric construction also helps to keep the overall weight down, a big must in portable booster seats.

The frame folds down so easily and packs away into the included carry bag, ready to go on your next adventure.

Perfect for camping and picnics, the Hiccapop features removable “duck feet” that distribute weight evenly and prevent accidental tip overs on uneven or soft ground. It also has straps for securing in place to most dining room chairs to use as a traditional booster seat. 

The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat

4. The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat

Our pick for longevity, seeing your child through from infancy to early childhood

What we like
  • Clever convertible model lasts the distance
  • Surprisingly lightweight and portable chair
  • Full featured
What could be better
  • Seat pad could be more plush and comfy

Classic in design and featuring everything we love, you can’t go wrong with the convertible booster First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat. More like a mini highchair than a booster seat, it comes complete with five recline positions for tiny babies, two height adjustments, generously sized three position tray with cup holder and a super safe five point harness.

For all the features it has, it’s pretty compact, lightweight and portable with a removable seat pad for easy cleaning.

Easy to set up and use, its wide base will fit most adult dining chairs and can also be used safely on the floor. When baby grows up, simply remove the backrest to cleverly convert the chair into a more traditional booster seat with three point harness. Your little toddler can feel all grown up yet still be safe and secure in his seat.

Summer Pop ‘n Sit Booster Seat

5. Summer Pop 'n Sit Booster Seat

Ultra quick and easy set up for easy dining in the great outdoors

What we like
  • Super fast set up
  • Completely removable tray
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
What could be better
  • Comparatively small in size
  • Short straps easy to outgrow
  • Fabric seat is not machine washable

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A sound choice for the great outdoors, the Summer Infant Pop ‘n Sit Booster Seat features a unique “pop and fold” set up that allows the booster to be ready for use in any scenario in seconds. The ultra compact fold is complemented by the over the shoulder travel bag and at just over 2kg, it’s super handy for adventuring and impromptu trips. 

For use with or without the tray, the chair sits securely on the ground with wide legs and low centre of gravity. It also attaches to adult dining chairs with easy to use safety straps, and is low enough that you can push baby all the way in close to the table to reduce food falling in their lap.

This booster is on the smaller side so larger babies and toddlers may outgrow it quicker than you’d like. While the tray is dishwasher safe, the seat fabric is not removable and therefore cannot be machine washed however we found a good wipe down is sufficient if spills are attended to quickly.

Regalo My Chair Portable Booster

6. Regalo My Chair Portable Booster

Great for hot Aussie summers with unique mesh ventilation

What we like
  • Removable tray with cup holder
  • High ventilation mesh seat sides
  • Sturdy all metal frame
What could be better
  • Nylon seat fabric not removable for washing

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The Regalo My Chair Portable Booster is a multi-functional booster seat ideal for babies and toddlers transitioning out of their highchair. Equally useful at home, restaurants, grandparents or even on picnics, the removable tray allows your child to easily climb in and out of his comfy chair all by himself.

For peace of mind there’s a generous safety belt to help keep wriggly children stay put, as well as anchor straps to fit tightly to adult dining chairs. The tray, although not the largest, does have a cup groove to help prevent messy spills and the all metal frame feels safe and sturdy.

With a waterproof, durable nylon construction, we love the high ventilation mesh walls to keep your child cool in the warmer months.

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

7. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Fully adjustable tray to grow with your child and minimise mess

What we like
  • Fully adjustable tray to suit all stages
  • Three height levels
  • Lightweight with carry handle for compact storage
What could be better
  • Three point harness white in colour and can be hard to clean

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Lightweight yet practical and full of features, the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is our pick for the best toddler booster seat for eating with a tray. Although perfectly suited to six month old babies who are just starting out on their solids journey, its tray conveniently extracts and adjusts to better suit older toddlers, or remove it completely to push your child up to the table like a big kid.

With sturdy legs that adjust to three different height levels, solid arm rests and a wide seat, it’s ultra comfy, long lasting and practical.

We love the convenient carry handle for quick transportation and the quick clean surfaces with few grooves for food to get stuck into. The three point harness keeps your child securely in place (although for cleaning purposes we wish it wasn’t white) and it anchors securely to all chairs with the universal anchoring straps. 

TooshCoosh Booster Seat

8. TooshCoosh Booster Seat

The OG booster seat is simplistic in design yet effective in use

What we like
  • Ultra versatile in a variety of settings
  • Simple design promotes good posture
  • Comfy, easy clean seat
What could be better
  • Only suitable for older toddlers and young children
  • No straps to secure to chair

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The original booster seat, the TooshCoosh is simple, effective and has lasted the test of time. Designed for older toddlers, it allows them to sit at the table freely with the adults, with just a bit of help in the height department! Featuring a soft yet sturdy moulded seat, it promotes good posture all the while preventing your child from wriggling around so they can concentrate on their food.

Lightweight and easy to transport, it has an inbuilt rear carry handle and is small enough to comfortably take with you out to restaurants and cafes. There’s essentially no set up, just pop the booster on the chair and you’re ready to go, and its base’s circular grip pattern stays put well on adult dining chairs.

Their versatility also makes them suitable for other chairs and settings such as desks, benches, arts and crafts and cinema seats meaning you’ll surely find good use for the TooshCoosh outside of the dining room.

Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat

9. Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat

Easy clean surfaces makes this booster a winner to parents everywhere

What we like
  • Removable foam insert for the easiest clean up
  • Quick release three point harness
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
What could be better
  • Chair straps could be longer for larger toddlers

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A firm favourite of Aussie parents, the Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat is simple in design, practical and super easy to keep clean, a very important factor in surely everyone’s books.

The comfy foam seat is removable for quick wipe downs, and also serves to create more room in the seat to accommodate your child as he grows. This smart seat features a curved design and no little grooves or cracks for food to get stuck into. 

It attaches easily to your dining room chair, or you can also use it on the floor at a low table. Its base is wide and low so we didn’t worry at all about potential stability issues. We love the quick release three point harness though feel it could be a bit longer to better fit older, larger toddlers, but this is just one small complaint in an otherwise amazing product.

Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat High Chair

10. Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat High Chair

Unique seat best for younger babies and parents who don’t mind a bit of mess

What we like
  • Unique design that is easy to use and safe yet not restrictive
  • Five point harness for ultimate safety
  • Machine washable
What could be better
  • No tray or option for one

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Super portable and unique in design, the Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat High Chair is a cloth “high chair” that is convenient for travel, comfy and adjustable to fit almost any chair and any baby.

Super lightweight and folding up teeny tiny to fit into your nappy bag, it will fit virtually any chair with a high back and keeps baby safely restrained yet still free to move around his arms and legs.

Simply slip the hood over the back of the chair and secure baby in place with the two shoulder straps, resulting in an ultra safe five-point harness for upright feeding and playing. Note that there’s no tray and smaller babies will likely make a mess if they can’t be pushed close enough up against the table, but luckily the whole thing can be chucked in the wash when it begins to get grubby.

How to choose a booster seat for eating

When looking for a booster seat for your toddler, a few points to keep in mind include:

Type of booster seat. Will the seat be used mostly at home at the table, or do you plan on taking it out to restaurants a lot? Does your family enjoy picnics and the great outdoors? Different types of booster seats may be more suitable to some environments over others. 

Safety. Booster seats for use on adult chairs should strap on securely, or feature an anti-grip wide base for stability. Seats designed for use on the floor should have legs that splay out and a low centre of gravity to greatly reduce the risk of accidental tipping. Also consider the booster seat safety harness for the child when seated - five point is safest, but often toddlers oppose to this and he may compromise or be more comfortable with a three point harness. 

Longevity. A booster seat that lasts through different stages will give you more bang for your buck. If this is important to you, look for models that convert from high chair style to booster, as well as features such as adjustable height, seat and tray position and straps, so it can comfortably grow with your child. 

Features and cleaning. There are plenty of extra features to the most basic model to make life a little easier. Storage pockets, machine washable seat covers, dishwasher safe trays, storage bags and easy wipe surfaces are some that quickly come to mind. 

Storage and transportation. Does the booster seat store and travel easily? Is it lightweight, does it fold down or have a carry handle? If you’re going to be taking your booster seat out regularly, you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to do!