Best Water Flosser in Australia: Our Top 8 Water Picks

Are you a forgetful flosser? There’s a better, wetter way! Here’s a guide on choosing the best water flossers in Australia for all price points and for different needs, to keep your gums healthy and your mouth fresh and give you something to smile about.

best water flosser australia

While you should be ideally flossing every day for dental hygiene, there is something about the chore that makes it difficult to remember. It’s not directly part of the tooth brushing routine, and it takes a lot of time you’d prefer to spend on the couch, but then you need to remember where you’ve put the floss and not become distracted by the telly in the process.

If establishing a flossing routine never seems to stick, you’ve got to try a water flosser. Clinical studies show they can be just as thorough or more thorough than traditional floss, along with being easier, faster, and without any icky used string to dispose of.

The high pressure water jets are easier to direct into those tricky corners of your teeth that are not necessarily in a straight line. While string floss can tear between your teeth, or accidentally cut into your gum if you push too hard, a water flosser is far easier to manipulate and use safely.

With adjustable pressure settings, unhealthy gums can be slowly worked up to stimulate blood flow and self-healing capacity, without as much bleeding and trauma to sensitive areas. They’re also perfect for people with braces, or arthritis, and people who are not able to floss at all. Children will also find them easier to manipulate and need less supervision than with string floss.

String floss may seem cheap, but it only takes a dozen purchases to match the cost of a decent water flosser. Isn’t it finally time to invest in a machine that will save you time, money, and trips to the dentist?

We’ve done the research to bring you the best water flossers and water picks available on the Australian market, from biggest reputable brands to underdog companies offering more affordable rival products.

Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser WP-660

 Best For Braces And Periodontal Pockets 

1. Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser WP-660

The latest Waterpik model is the best water flosser for braces and periodontal disease

What we like
  • Offers generous 10 pressure settings
  • Comes with 7 accessory tips to cater to different needs
  • Large water reservoir
  • Can be used with mouthwash
What could be better
  • Requires a cord for operation
  • Not waterproof

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Our top pick for the best water flosser in Australia is the Waterpik Ultra. It is the most advanced electric water flosser available in the market, offering a compact and user-friendly design along with a wide range of premium features.

Pulsing water pressure is produced from a 150mL reservoir, to remove 99% of nasty plaque that can attach itself to your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. A built in 60 second timer with 30 second pacer keeps you on track, but a full reservoir can keep up the pressure for a total of 90 seconds run time.

Turn the water on or off easily from the convenient location on the handle, and slowly ramp up through 10 pressure settings from the dial on the base unit to avoid accidentally going too hard. From the softest most sensitive setting at 10 PSI, to maximum cleaning at 100 PSI, find the best level that’s tough but still comfortable. This model even features a micro burst pulsing massage mode, for stimulating and improving blood circulation to the gums.

The Waterpik Ultra offers excellently thorough cleaning through 7 different accessory tips to suit different dental needs. Included in these are multiple standard jet tips, an orthodontic pick for braces, one that’s best for periodontal pockets, and a plaque seeker for implants and other finished dental work.

These attachments are currently the best in the game, because this leading brand has invested in testing and tweaking the design of the attachments over multiple clinical studies. For this reason, the latest Waterpiks are the most trustworthy when looking for the best water flosser for periodontal disease or braces. Keep your spare tips in the hygienic storage under the main flap of the base unit.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser WP-560

 Best For Implants 

2. Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser WP-560

A cordless Waterpik that trades a little power for a lot of convenience

What we like
  • Comes with useful accessories such as a travel pouch and tips storage case
  • Easy to charge with magnetic fast charging system
  • Battery indicator that displays the current battery level
What could be better
  • Battery life could be longer

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If you’re looking for that superior performance without the inconvenience of a corded base unit on your sink, this cordless Waterpik may be just the efficient flossing experience you were hoping for.

The 200mL tank is small enough to stay conveniently hidden inside the handle, and large enough to provide up to 45 seconds of flossing on the highest settings. If you have sensitive gums and need a lower water pressure, the tank should last you the full 60 seconds, but higher pressure users will find they need one tank for the top row and one for the bottom row.

The tip rotates 360 degrees, allowing easy access to all the tricky hidden areas that toothbrushes miss. There are 3 water pressure settings that allow you to navigate the sweet spot between comfort and thoroughness, with controls just under your thumb to adjust as you work.

Attachments include 4 accessory tips for braces, periodontal pockets, and plaque busting, with a hygienic aerated case for the attachments, and a soft microfiber drawstring bag to conveniently store everything for travel. For travel, the plug slots neatly into where the tip goes, to avoid any leakage into your travel bag.

The rechargeable battery is NiMH, which has lower longevity than lithium-ion batteries, a little disappointing for the price. On the other hand, a water flosser only sees a minute of use per day, so we’re optimistic this battery should still last you several years.

An LED indicator on the water flosser lets you know when the machine needs recharging. Recharging time is about 4 hours through a magnetic charger with a two pin plug, an important requirement for travelling overseas with non-grounding power adapters.

Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000

3. Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000

An efficient and portable device on the forefront of water flosser technology

What we like
  • Enhanced technology for improved teeth cleaning
  • Transparent water tank, making it easy to check the water level
  • Long-lasting battery life
What could be better
  • Water tends to spill out more than desired

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Philips has long been credited as a leading brand for electric toothbrushes, so it’s no surprise they have kept up that reputation in water flossers. The Philips Sonicare is an excellent machine to rival equivalent premium models, easy to use safely, and with excellent performance.

This cordless water flosser is unique in that it doesn't solely rely on a high-pressure blast. Instead, Philips has prioritised a combination of X-shaped Quad Stream technology and Pulse Wave technology to achieve the most efficient cleaning experience with water or other cleansers.

The water chamber is designed to be used with tap water, filtered water, or mouthwash, if you want an extra burst of freshness and another chore stricken from your list.

Clinical studies have shown Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000 has been able to remove twice the staining of a toothbrush. A pump pulses tiny bursts of water between the teeth using a nozzle that amplifies aeration into the micro droplets, creating better surface area for them to attach to plaque on your teeth. In clinical studies, this removed seven times the plaque that could be displaced with a toothbrush.

The other nice feature is the simple hygienic look of the water flosser. For something that goes in your mouth, Philips have managed to make a machine that looks elegant and sophisticated, with a small footprint to fit on your sink.

After you finish flossing, the unit neatly stands by itself, ensuring it will never roll around or get in the way of your other bathroom routines. If you prefer to hide it away in the medicine cabinet, the fully charged battery should last for at least two weeks before needing to be recharged.

DentJet Oral Irrigator DJ-169

 Best For Implants 

4. DentJet Oral Irrigator DJ-169

A corded water flosser with enormous capacity and high power cleaning

What we like
  • Built-in storage for nozzle tips
  • Waterproof design
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Large water tank
What could be better
  • Some users find it noisy
  • Filling the water reservoir requires removing the storage box, which can be a bit cumbersome
  • Not cordless

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A good alternative to the leading brands, the high power water jets produced by an enormous 600mL water tank make the DentJet DJ-169 the best water flosser for implants and other finished dental work.

The 600mL reservoir is easily the largest available, and this is what will convince you to purchase. The benefit is less frequent refilling, but the drawback is it takes up more sink space, with a decent footprint of 13 x 14.5cm. If you have the space, it does look suitably refreshing and attractive, hiding your jet tips away in a nifty secret storage case.

The handle has an easy thumb switch to turn on and off, while the dial on the base unit gently adjusts through 10 pressure settings from 30 to 125 PSI, so you can count on being able to find the setting that’s best for you. 125 PSI is the most powerful water flosser out there, and can be relied on for cleaning out crowns, implants, and other dental work where plaque and food debris can easily accumulate, and be especially hard to notice with removed nerves.

The handle is attached to a stiff coil that stretches comfortably across your bathroom and fits neatly into the front of the machine to avoid hanging dangerously off your sink. The fully enclosed body around the motor is rated IPX7 waterproof for safe use in the shower, but if you prefer to floss at the sink the enclosed body will also lend itself to reduced noise under 75 decibels, without rattling.

The 7 nozzle tip attachments include 3 classic jet tips, a tip for orthodontics, a periodontal pocket tip, a plaque seeker, and a bonus tongue cleaner that will be a big help for those worried about bad breath. All attachments easily plug in and rotate 360 degrees to be able to reach all the trickiest areas around your mouth.

The attachments store discreetly just under the top lid, where there is actually a hidden container that can be removed from the base unit. This is important if you want to use multiple tips for your clean, and also lends itself to keeping your spouse’s safely sectioned from yours, if you’re planning to share.

Panasonic EW-DJ10

 Best For Travel 

5. Panasonic EW-DJ10

A collapsible, battery powered water flosser for ultra portability

What we like
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Compact and collapsible, perfect for travel
  • Durable and powerful despite its small size
What could be better
  • Small water tank capacity
  • Requires batteries, resulting in ongoing costs

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This water flosser is the most friendly traveller available, a collapsible transformer that will fit in your handbag without ever leaking on your possessions.

The clear winning feature of this tiny but mighty water flosser is its conveniently sized body, that collapses into its own water reservoir to become half the size when empty, fitting in your pocket or a small toiletries bag. The collapsible design is really clever, along with halving the space it takes up, the water tank moves over the controls to protect them from accidental presses in your bag.

Despite the trick mechanism, this water flosser is very easy to use. The body is completely covered when collapsed, and uncollapses easily with a simple flexible cap to open the chamber. The whole unit is 100% waterproof and washable inside and out, so feel free to fill the water tank under the tap or shower without worrying about splashing or dropping.

The reservoir is 165mL at full capacity, allowing a run time of 20 seconds through the jet pump on the high setting. The high setting brings 1400 pulses per minute, an excellently high pressure for healthy gums. There is a low setting of 700 pulses per minute for sensitive gums, but it is unfortunately quite weak. It’s a bit of a shame, this model could have benefitted from a medium mode for people who are not quite tough enough yet for high mode.

The EW-DJ10 is quite affordable itself, but is powered with a single AA battery, which of course will incur an ongoing cost. On the other hand, disposable batteries undeniably provide better power for longer, making this a great travel alternative to the leading brands.

Voinee Water Dental Flosser

6. Voinee Water Dental Flosser

The best water flosser on a budget

What we like
  • Offers 6 different flossing intensities
  • Automatically saves the pressure level for future use
  • Equipped with a gravity ball for enhanced water absorption
What could be better
  • All buttons are located in the same position, which can cause confusion during use
  • Does not include an adapter, only a USB Type-C charging cable is included

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It’s not a big name brand, but this is a water flosser to hold its own against models four times its cost. This rechargeable Voinee Water Dental Flosser has earnt the Amazon’s Choice badge for water flossers due to its reliability and variety of great features.

The 230mL tank offers a decent capacity for a travel water flosser, easily refilled by removing the sealing cap and running it under the tap. The IPX7 waterproof design seals the machinery both internally and externally, so this can be safely used in the shower or bath without concern of electrocution. This reservoir is also fully detachable, to allow you to thoroughly clean out limescale that may build up over time if you’ve been using tap water.

The handle of the water flosser features a simple button with four sides, offering effortless control. However, it should be noted that some users may find it less intuitive initially, as all the functions are consolidated in one location. This concentration of functions may lead to confusion during use until one becomes accustomed to it. The left side conveniently turns the device on and off, while the right side allows for easy mode switching. The up and down sides provide the flexibility to adjust the water pressure intensity, with a range of 30-120 PSI. Additionally, the handle incorporates clear indicators for battery level, selected mode, water pressure intensity, and water level. 

The long life battery is a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that takes about 4 hours to charge via USB. Impressively, the device holds charge for about 30 cleans, although you will probably want to charge when it starts getting weaker at the 20 cleans mark. The USB charging adds a huge level of portability to the design of the water flosser, for charging whilst travelling overseas, in the car, or with a portable battery.

MySmile Portable Oral Irrigator

7. MySmile Portable Oral Irrigator

A great innovative cordless option that's attractive and easy to use

What we like
  • Generous water tank capacity
  • Smart LED display
  • Long battery life
  • There is a setting that is suitable to use for child aged 8 and above
What could be better
  • No adapter
  • Large footprint

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The MySmile Portable Oral Irrigator is a remarkable addition to your oral care routine, offering a host of convenient features that promote optimal dental hygiene. Its generous 350ml water reservoir sets it apart from other cordless models, allowing for extended usage without the need for frequent refills. With this device, you can enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions, saving you time and effort.

What makes the MySmile Portable Oral Irrigator even more appealing is the inclusion of eight colour-coded jet tips. This thoughtful feature is perfect for families, as it eliminates any confusion or mix-ups that may arise from sharing the device. Each family member can have their designated tip, ensuring hygienic and hassle-free oral care.

The device offers five pressure modes, including a gentle child mode suitable for young children aged 8 and above, as well as beginners. This feature ensures a comfortable experience for individuals with sensitive gums or those who are new to water flossing.

One standout aspect of this oral irrigator is its unique OLED display, a feature not commonly found in many other water flossers, even those with a higher price tag. The display provides clear and informative visuals, including the current cleaning mode, water temperature, water quality PPM, working time, and battery power. This user-friendly addition elevates your cleaning experience and allows for better control and monitoring of the device's performance.

While the MySmile Portable Oral Irrigator requires approximately 6 hours to fully charge, which is slightly longer than some other models on the market, its impressive 20-day battery life makes up for it. Additionally, the included USB-C cable enables easy charging from various power sources, such as a power bank or your car, offering convenience and flexibility.

DentJet Portable Oral Irrigator DJ-159

8. DentJet Portable Oral Irrigator DJ-159

An affordable rechargeable water flosser that travels

What we like
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with a carry pouch, ideal for travel
  • Offers two ways to fill water
  • Auto shut down in 2 minutes
What could be better
  • Can be a little finicky to fill water using either method
  • The water jet pressure may be too strong for some users

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If you’re looking for a more affordable option that will still efficiently clean into the deepest darkest crevices, DentJet has on offer a rechargeable cordless water flosser with multiple handy features and a high capacity reservoir.

The ergonomic handle features a large 200mL water tank that twists and unlocks from the handle for washing or refilling. You can also refill from a sealed cap in the side of the chamber if you prefer, to avoid dust and lint getting into the reservoir.

The nozzles come with colour coding rings and are easy to twist in and out of the top. The two buttons at the front control 3 water pressure settings between 30 and 100 PSI, and a pulse mode that gently massages delicate gums.

The automatic timer paces you for up to 2 minutes, the maximum run time that the extra large capacity 200mL reservoir can spray. While it can feel a little on the flimsy side, the tank is made from ABS materials and is quite sturdy. It’s also rated IP67 for waterproofing, which will keep you safe for daily use in the shower.

Supplied is a 1400mAH battery that will last about 2 weeks without charging, at a stretch. You can press and hold the mode key for 3 seconds to check on the battery, and use the included Australian wall adapter and USB charge cable to recharge it when low.

Being chargeable via USB is a huge benefit to travellers, who will also appreciate the included charging kit and travel bag to take their water flosser wherever their backpack takes them.

How to use a water flosser

Whenever using a new dental device like an oral irrigator for an interdental clean, you should always thoroughly read the instruction manual first. Some machines may require a preparatory pump or a full battery charge before first use, and some may have specific warranty requirements that you should know before opening.

However, for general guidance, here are the usual steps to use a water flosser:

  1. Open up the water reservoir and fill with room temperature water. Water too hot or too cold can be harsh on your teeth and gums, and the internal mechanisms may not have the same longevity with sudden temperature changes.
  2. Choose your tip and give it a rinse before plugging it into the top. Make sure you don’t accidentally use someone else’s tip! Some brands include colour coded rings that attach to the base of the tip to keep your tips separate, but if not, try a coloured elastic band around the base so you can keep track of whose is whose.
  3. Place the water jet in the corner between two teeth and the gum. Keep your lips partially closed, to avoid rebounding water spraying across your mirror. Lean forward to let the water run freely out of your mouth into the sink.
  4. Turn your machine to the lowest pressure setting, and turn it on.
  5. Slowly dial up the water pressure until it feels firm and effective, but doesn’t hurt. If you are an infrequent flosser you may find the first few times may result in a little bit of bleeding from the gums. This is expected with string floss too, and just means your gums will be toughening up for healthier teeth.
  6. Follow the path along the gum line, between your gums and teeth, sweeping between the teeth at every junction. It is best to start at the back and make your way forward to front to avoid bacteria falling into the newly cleaned crevices. Be sure to follow the inside gums and outside gums for both top and bottom sets, adjusting pressure as needed, and pacing yourself to take about 60 seconds in total.
  7. After use, wash and wipe down your device, and proceed to brush your teeth as normal. For best results, brush teeth after water flossing, to brush away any plaque that was dislodged during flossing that did not run out with the water.