The Propress MINI Clothes Steamer Review

A practical review of the Propress Mini, a premium clothes steamer for home and professional use, streamlining ironing time with abundant versatility. While its price tag may not cater to everyone, for those seeking the ultimate home tool, it stands as one of the top contenders.

Propress Mini review

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  • Large steam pad for efficient steaming
  • Lightweight compared to many competitors
  • The Propress Big Belly tank proves to be a valuable accessory
  • Extended cord for added convenience


  • It takes long to completely cool down
  • Not so good with some types of cottons
  • The water tank has a small opening and it’s tricky to fill up

Review Summary

The Propress MINI is a premium handheld clothes steamer that offers excellent performance along with a generous assortment of accessories for flexibility.

Considering its price point, you can anticipate superior performance compared to the average home clothes steamer. While it's not flawless, we believe it's worth the cost. In our experience, it hasn't left us longing for the iron, and it has spared us from frequently setting up the ironing board on a daily basis.

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The Propress MINI Steamer – Overview

This clothes steamer is highly recommended for home use, offering the convenience of avoiding the use of an iron, and excelling in performance on a variety of easily-ironed materials.

We can also recommend it to garment professionals and shops in need of a reliable tool for daily and intensive use.

What’s in the Box

  • The steamer
  • The regular water tank (130 ml)
  • The Big Belly water tank (230 ml)
  • Travel bag
  • Heat-resistant mitten

The Big Belly water tank proves highly beneficial; it's the sole one in use for us. The other standard tank remains untouched in the box since we switched to the Big Belly. It does come with an additional cost of approximately $40 though.

Big Belly tank vs standard tank

Big Belly tank vs standard tank


  • Large sole plate, approximately 10 cm wide, ensuring good coverage
  • Lighter than other options, reducing fatigue during use
  • The standard water tank provides 7 minutes of continuous steam operation, while the Big
  • Belly tank extends that to 13 minutes steam time – verified through testing.
  • A generous 3-metre cord eliminates the need for an extension in most cases.


There are two buttons on the back. Once the steamer is connected to power, the power button is red. Press the power button once to turn on the steamer, and the power button becomes green. Then, wait for the top button to change colour from flashing red to continuous red (this process takes less than a minute). Once it's continuously red, you're good to go.

Propress Mini controls

From there, you can use the steamer in two modes:

  • Press and hold for quick touch-ups. Keep in mind that in this mode the steam takes a few seconds to start.
  • Press twice for continuous steam, eliminating the need to hold down the steam button. This is the mode I use most frequently. Press twice again to stop the continuous steam.

To turn it off, simply press the power button again (it turns red), then you can unplug it and store it away.

Once the device is turned off, we've observed that it takes quite a while to cool down, up to an hour. This might be a lengthy duration for those looking to pack it away in luggage, for example.

Considering the constant activity of kids running around our house, our primary concern is safety. Given the steamer's extended cooling time, after use, we make sure to place it in a location out of reach for the kids to prevent any accidents.


The Propress MINI is highly effective both vertically and horizontally for steaming clothes. I particularly appreciate its performance on cotton t-shirts, significantly reducing ironing time while delivering comparable results.

However, not all materials perform equally well. Some more wrinkly fabrics, such as certain types of cotton or linen, can pose a challenge, especially in vertical mode. Yet, this is a common issue with garment steamers for these materials.

The advantage of this mini handheld steamer lies in its versatility – for such materials, you can place the garment on the floor or bed and use the steamer like an iron, enhancing its performance. Alternatively, using the steaming mitten in vertical mode and pressing against it proves to be a valuable accessory.

Propress Mini accessories

Additionally, it's not just for clothes; it can be used for curtains and bedding. Surprisingly, it also helps with things like getting rid of odours and dealing with bed bugs.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied. On average, I manage to steam an entire laundry load in roughly 15 minutes, matching the duration of the Big Belly tank, sometimes even less. Here's a few before and after photos. These results were all achieved in vertical mode.

Propress Mini test tshirt before
Propress Mini test tshirt after
Propress Mini test pants before
Propress Mini test pants after
Propress Mini test shirt before
Propress Mini test shirt after

Areas for Improvement

While the device is generally user-friendly, I must note that my particular model seems to have a defect. The double-tap functionality on the steam button, a mode I frequently use, does not work seamlessly. 

Each time I attempt to double press the steam button, I find myself having to try multiple times to activate it. I've observed that the double tap needs to be performed at a slightly slower pace, but even when I try this, it doesn't consistently respond. As a result, I often find myself double-tapping multiple times to toggle continuous steam on and off.

Additionally, I would appreciate a slightly longer base for the steamer. When placing it down, especially on carpeted surfaces while working, the stability is compromised. The weight of the element tends to pull it forward, and if the surface is slightly uneven, the steamer can tip forward. Addressing these issues would enhance the overall user experience.

One more observation, and this might be a bit nitpicky, but I believe the top opening of the water tank could be designed more intelligently to facilitate easier filling with a distilled water bottle.

The current opening is quite small, and it doesn't encourage a smooth flow of water, leading to occasional spills when I'm filling it up using a distilled water bottle with a larger opening.



Propress MINI

Philips 7000 Series STH7060/80

Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Steamer Supreme

Tefal Access Steam Force DT8280


9 x 13 x 29.5 cm

12.9 x 14.1 x 35.5 cm

12.2 x 22.6 x 43.2 cm

12.8 x 14.7 x 32 cm






Tank capacity





Heat up time

45 seconds

30 seconds

45 seconds

25 seconds






Cord length





Propress MINI vs Philips 7000 Series

The Philips 7000 Series steamer (see at Amazon) can be a valuable alternative. This is another garment steamer that allows you to work vertically as well as horizontally, like an iron, and the faster heat-up time (just a few seconds faster) ensures a quick start to the steaming routine. Additionally, the affordability of the Philips model makes it a tempting choice for those mindful of their budget.

On the flip side, the Propress MINI, with its lighter and more compact design, aligns more with my preference for portability. The larger water capacity of the Propress means fewer interruptions for refills, sparing me the inconvenience of constant top-ups. While it may take a bit longer to heat up than the Philips 7000 Series, the efficiency and convenience it offers make it a strong contender in my book.

Propress MINI vs Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Steamer Supreme

The Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Steamer Supreme (see at Amazon) steps up with a larger water tank and more power, and it won't break the bank. The cool part? Its pointy steam plate tip is like a secret weapon for smoothing out tricky spots like buttons and collars. So, if precision wrinkle-fighting without splurging is your game, Russell Hobbs is the play.

On the other hand, there's the Propress MINI, the light and easy option. It's compact, easy to carry, and perfect for those quick fixes, especially if storage space is a concern. Sure, it might not pack the same punch as Russell Hobbs, but it's your go-to for hassle-free wrinkle busting. If you're all about keeping things light and straightforward, the Propress MINI is your trusty sidekick.

Propress MINI vs Tefal Access Steam Force 

Now, the Tefal steamer (here at Amazon) claims the heavyweight title both in literal power and functionality, boasting the most power and the largest water tank among the four on the chart. If you're in the market for a steamer with some serious muscle and a tank that won't quit, Tefal is waving the flag.

On the other side of the ring, we've got the Propress MINI, the lightweight contender. It's small, easy to handle, and here's a bonus – it even comes with a travel pouch (unlike the Tefal). So, if you're all about keeping things light and straightforward, this one's a good fit. Perfect for quick fixes or tossing in your bag for a trip.

Final thoughts

The Propress MINI stands out as the newest gem within the Propress steamers family, showcasing its distinctive features. It's reassuring to know that it's compatible with both the Professional Curtain Steamer and Junior Curtain Steamer. If you're considering embarking on a professional journey, the Propress MINI could be your perfect companion.

To date, we haven't encountered any significant issues with this mini handheld clothes steamer; it excels at effortlessly removing creases and odours. The rapid heat-up time and extended running time make it one of my preferred home steamers. However, it might not be the optimal choice for travellers (primarily due to the extended cool-down period) or individuals looking within a more restricted budget range.