Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review

Our review and testing of the Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet revealed it to be a practical and cost-effective option for baby's first year.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review

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  • Foldable
  • Doubles as rocker
  • Mesh panels on both sides
  • Large mattress
  • Machine washable


  • Mattress’s design can be better
  • It may not function well as a rocker on carpeted floors
  • Difficult to find a matching fitted sheet for the mattress

Review Summary

The Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet boasts thoughtful features and safety considerations, but its portability and ease of cleaning are its greatest assets. The extra-large and firm mattress, along with mesh panels for air circulation, provide comfort for baby. The rocking feature is a nice addition, but it may not be a necessary feature for all parents. Overall, it's a decent choice among the many options available in the market.

Overall Rating: 

Ease of Use

Ease of Cleaning



Additional Features

Why did we choose it

As new parents, we were overwhelmed with the decision of what baby products to purchase. The bassinet was one item that we questioned whether it was worth the investment or if our baby should sleep in the cot from the beginning.

The cot certainly offered the advantage of saving on cost and avoiding the transition from a bassinet to a cot. However, the cot’s bulkiness made it difficult to place in a small bedroom next to our bed, and its height made it challenging for me, especially with a back pain issue, to reach our baby for frequent pick ups throughout the day and night.

Therefore, after considering the pros and cons of having a bassinet, we decided to give it a try. It turned out to be such a positive experience that we have never regretted our decision to purchase it.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - overall

During the first few months of our baby's life, she was quite clingy and wanted to be held or fed frequently. We found ourselves frequently taking her in and out of the bassinet on a daily basis.

Unlike the cot, we never had to bend down so low to pick her up, potentially causing strain on our backs. The bassinet allowed us to place it next to our bed during her sleep and nap time, ensuring she was safe and lying on a flat, firm surface. The bassinet is also portable and easy to manoeuvre, allowing us to move it to the living room during her playtime and even calm her down using the rocking mode. It was incredibly convenient for us

My favourite features

The Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet is not just a standard bassinet, it has the added benefit of having two modes of use: stationary and rocking mode. Switching between modes is effortless, simply by twisting the bottom handle located between the legs.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - leg 1

Rocking mode

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - leg 2

Stationary mode

In addition to its versatility, it is also foldable for easy transportation and storage. We were also happy to find that this bassinet can stand alone in the folded position, eliminating the need to lean it against a wall when storing. Another bonus is its lightweight design, making it easy for me to move it around the house with minimal effort.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - standalone

We also appreciate the breathable large mesh panels on both sides of the bassinet. Firstly, it provides better air ventilation for our baby. Secondly, since the bassinet is placed next to our bed at night, I am able to check on my baby through the mesh without needing to get up. This is a highly convenient feature for new parents like me who are constantly worried about their babies.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - mesh

Another noteworthy feature of this bassinet is its generous size in comparison to other options, such as the Love N Care Complete Bassinet. Unlike many standard bassinets, we were able to use it for a longer period of time before our daughter outgrew it. Additionally, it comes with a flat, firm mattress for safety and to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Furthermore, both the bassinet fabric and mattress are machine washable, and the frame can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It's important to note that the fabric should be washed on a cold setting and should not be tumble dried.

The assembly and disassembly process can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy and straightforward when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

What can be better 

One aspect of the bassinet that we were not fond of was the thin mattress. Although it is flat and firm, providing a safe sleeping surface for a newborn, we would have preferred a thicker mattress for additional comfort.

We also noticed a small hook in the middle of the mattress and we were not sure if it would impact our baby's comfort while sleeping. However, it did not appear to bother her, especially when covered with fitted sheets or muslins.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - mattress
Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - hook

Another feature that we would like to see improvement on is the rocking mode. We have low pile carpet in our bedroom and we found that the rocking mode does not function as well as it does on flat, hard surfaces. This is something to consider if you have carpet floors in your home.

Additionally, due to its generous size and rectangular shape (approximately 85cm in length and 44.5cm in width), it can be challenging to find fitted sheets with exact dimensions.

However, you can find some with slightly larger sizes at retailers such as Target and BabyBunting or online stores like Amazon and eBay. Despite this, we usually cover the mattress with our muslin sheets so it is not a major concern for us.

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review - mattress 1

Something to note of

Please keep in mind that The Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet is not a bedside sleeper that can have one side panel folded down and attached to the bed. Although it is not ideal for co-sleeping, it is compact enough to fit in a small bedroom.

Also, while this bassinet has many practical features, it does not have the ability to adjust the height like the Love N Care Dreamtime Sleeper, and it also lacks a carry bag or cover for easy transport. These are some features that we would like to see in future models.

Additionally, no battery is required to operate the rocking mode, which means that we have to rock the bassinet manually. If you want to have a free hand and some alone time for your baby, it may be best to invest in a baby rocker or swing.


Overall, we have been very pleased with the Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet. This durable and sturdy sleeper has served its purpose for over 6 months with our first child and we are still using it for our second child after almost 2 years. To our surprise, after sitting in storage and collecting dust, it showed no signs of rust or damage and still looks like new and is in perfect working condition.

For us, the convenience of having this bassinet outweighs the cost, especially during the first few months when our child frequently woke up and needed to be picked up.

While there may be other bassinets on the market (you can check out our list of the best bassinets here) with more features, we are content with our purchase.