Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor Review

We were looking for a non-WiFi baby monitor with a camera that was easy on the wallet and the Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor was great for the job. It’s easy to use and has all the essential features.

Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor Review

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  • No WiFi connection required
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Good night vision
  • Decent connectivity range
  • Long battery life on parent unit


  • Unable to rotate camera from parent unit
  • Poor night vision when camera is too far

Review Summary

Having read quite a few stories from mums about the compromised security and potential breach of WiFi baby monitors, we were on the lookout for one that didn’t utilise WiFi to function.

We had initially gotten an audio monitor - the VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor, but quickly realised that we needed a baby video monitor instead. The Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor was exactly what we needed - does the job without all the bells and whistles that we don’t need.

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The features

The Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor has the basic features of a digital baby monitor. Here’s a summary of its features:

  • Audio and video functionality
  • LCD screen
  • No WiFi connection needed as it utilises secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology
  • Long transmission range of up to about 274 meters (985ft range)
  • Camera is manually adjustable
  • Twoway talk
  • Automatic night vision
  • Five lullabies to choose from
  • VOX (ECO) mode turned on via sound detection
  • Wall mountable with kit included
  • Comes with two charging cables with AU plugs

I personally prefer that it doesn’t have too many unnecessary features that end up making it too complicated to use.

Design and control panel

Overall, the Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor has a sleek design with an intuitive control panel. It’s really easy to set up and use and I didn’t even need to read the user manual to get started. On the side, you just have two buttons - the on/off button and a button to toggle between video, audio or VOX mode. On the front, you have clearly labelled buttons to control the volume, screen brightness, microphone and to choose between lullabies as well as light indicators.

Nannio Hero2 menu buttons

Its sleek design makes it easy to pack up for travel. We were able to fit the video camera, parent unit and charging cables into a small pouch to keep everything together.

Nannio Hero2 side buttons

What I like about it

The main reason why we bought the Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor is because it utilises a secure 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology, which means we don’t have to rely on WiFi connectivity to use the monitor. We were initially considering baby monitors such as the Uniden Baby Watch BW140R Full HD Smart (WiFi) Baby Camera with Smartphone Access. However, having read about incidents where devices utilising WiFi can be hacked into, we decided against a WiFi-enabled device. Because we didn’t need to be able to view it remotely via a phone, the usage of the WiFi connectivity also wasn’t a necessity for us in a baby monitor.

The Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor also has a long battery life. The camera needs to be plugged in to function but the parent unit is battery powered and can be charged. It can then work wirelessly. From a full charge, we’ve been able to use the parent unit for three to four nights before needing to charge it again.

Utilising wireless technology, I generally haven’t had much issues with the connectivity. Sometimes the connection does cut out occasionally, but it resolves itself very quickly, so it hasn’t been a major issue. Although as a caveat, the spaces we’ve used the baby monitor in haven’t been particularly large and are single storey, so we haven’t necessarily put it to the test in that respect.

The camera quality is also quite good - both during the day and night. We can check on our baby’s breathing as we can see his chest movements even during the night.

Nannio Hero2 baby unit

Some downsides

In terms of the downsides, I’m being a bit nitpicky as I’m generally pretty happy with this baby monitor and its functionality given its price compared to other baby monitors (see our best picks for comparison).

The Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor camera can only be adjusted manually but it would have been nice to have a camera remote to adjust it from afar. You’ll need to set it up such that the camera is angled properly so that your baby is still in view if they move. This is unlike some baby monitors like the HelloBaby HB65 reviewed here or the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor, that features a wide angle lens and the ability to adjust the camera angle via an app.

The parent unit also can’t be held close to the camera as it’ll make quite a loud frequency noise (never good when you've got a sleeping baby), so I find myself having to hold the parent unit a distance away to check the camera angle and then walking back to the camera to adjust it if it isn’t adequate. The night vision also doesn’t work well if the camera is placed too far away from your baby.

However, with both of the downsides above, I find that it just takes a bit of getting used to. I’ve now generally gotten the hang of getting the right angle and distance without needing too many adjustments.

As new parents, we were always worried about whether the room was too hot or cold, so it would have been pretty handy to have a temperature sensor or monitor. However, definitely not a dealbreaker, as it’s pretty easy to get a separate room thermometer and we did get the hang of dressing our baby in the right clothes fairly quickly.

One more thing that would have been great to have is the ability to clip the parent unit onto my waistband. As there isn’t the option with the Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor, I’m having to put it on a flat surface which might not always be available while I’m running errands, so it can get a bit tricky sometimes.


Overall, I’m very pleased with the Nannio Hero2 Video Baby Monitor. It is at a very reasonable price point for a camera and audio baby monitor compared to other baby monitor options and does exactly what we need it to. It has certainly given us a lot of peace of mind to be able to keep an eye on our little one while he sleeps.

Having said that, if you’re looking for something a bit more extensive, the Owlet Smart Sock or the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor are popular options to consider.